Saturday, March 12, 2011

A day of magic

So yesterday was an interesting day.
It was a foggy, grey and rainy early spring day.
At one point, before the sun started setting,
the sky turned yellow and then a deep rosy pink,
it was so crazy!

Anyway, yesterday was exciting because my books that I ordered arrived!
(note here that Poesy is the best guard parrot ever, she was screaming her pretty little head off when the post man showed up.)

Second I was able to work on some watercolors,
I have been really inspired by the crochet covered stones I have been making
I have been trying to get things ready for the fair I am vending at in a couple of weeks...
Oh, and then I remember that I need to get my tax info together to get that done (yuck!).

And last, when I was on my walk I found I bottle in the crux of a tree branch with a note in it.
There were 2 anonymous notes
and a check for $1 with a note in the memo that said:
'I found the bottle'.
(Let me tell you, it is really tough to get paper notes out of a bottle using wet pine sticks.)
Anyways, it felt like I found treasure,
out in the woods,
in a random spot.
It was kind of fun!
It was like magic.
I have been thinking that I might set up a treasure hunt for people walking in the woods
and check to see if anyone plays along!

Today I am going to take some more photos of what (else) I have been working on,
I am going to make some of these seedling pots like these,
25 Newspaper Starter Pots
as well as trying to set up a page to list some clothes and shoes and things that I am going to sell.
What are you up to this weekend?

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