Friday, March 4, 2011

an extention of sharing things about me

On a whim the other night I did a little post about me.
This is a bit of a follow up,
or extension, if you will, of the first post.
It is in relation to things that I collect
and the little places all around the house in which my collections sit.

I love tea.
I grow a lot of the herbs I make into tea and use as medicine in my garden.
(I was drinking rose and lemonbalm from this teacup)

*side note: I have taken classes and gone through apprenticeships for my herbal studies from many different people.
One of the main people that I learned from was Rosemary Gladstar
at Sage Mountain in Vermont where I did 2 apprenticeships.

I love to drink water with violet flowers in it.
I will leave it out in the sun to make a sun infusion
and sometimes I will leave it out in the moonlight, too, to absorb some of her magic.

One part of my garden.

I also love books, here is a few of the many in my house.
These are mostly books I like to look through for inspiration.

The next few photos are of the little cabinets and places where I have things collected.
Obviously feathers and stones,
as well as some little faery and mermaid statues made by some close friends
(and which I have many because they are so wonderful!)

I LOVE camels.
I am not sure why,
there is just something so primal and mysterious of them.
I have a photo from national geographic of a woman camping out, cooking over a small fire.
It is just her and her camel.
For some reason I just love the photo,
I can't even describe the way it makes me feel.
(I have it in a 'safe place' and will try to find said place so you can see the photo)

This is a painting I did many years ago and it hangs above our bed.
I just really love it, so I thought I would share it.

More collections.
Shells, crocheted stones, little vessels, some of my first needle felted creatures
(and one by my sister).
See that beautiful amethyst?
That was a gift in a swap I did over on Cole's blog.
It is from a new blog friend, Kary
(thanks sweets, I love it! and I hope your ankle heals quickly!).

Some other things I mentioned:
I would love to have a small farm, but the boyf travels a lot and sometimes I go with him,
not to mention that we rent,
so until those 2 things are a little more stable, no mini farm for me.

I would love to own my own house.
This will require a whole separate blog post since my ideal home is not just one building.
There are many things that I love about the house we live in,
(but there are also a lot of things wrong with it that I would fix immediately if I owned it)
like the fact that it used to be a barn, is made mostly of granite and has high ceilings.
Not to mention our F-ing awesome woodstove!
Maybe that will be a blog post I tackle soon...

Also, I would love to hear about you!
(I'm not used to talking so much about myself)
So please feel free to comment about yourself,
or better,
blog about it and leave a link!!!


  1. Ah! I'm SO happy you liked your package ;) And the rock fits in nicely with your other beautiful rocks.

    Oh I love learning more about you mi amiga, and I especially loved the sneak peak into your home and seeing the special items you love, especially that you love camels ;)

    My ankle is healing slowly, but surely :)
    Thank you for the shout out love ;)

    Happy weekend love

    Love Kary xo

  2. Your crocheted river rocks look great! I like the coloured ones that you posted about, too. Your space looks very cozy. I'm a bit jealous, I have to say!

  3. First off, holy smokes I can't believe you got that awesome amethyst in one of my swaps! That's amazing!
    Second off, you house looks like a wonderful place full of treasures but I wouldn't have expected anything less. :)
    Third off, I can't wait till we have more money because I totally want to buy some of your crocheted stones! They're the best!