Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hello, Faves!

I spent 4,
and I mean 4, I am not exaggerating in the least,
hours on the phone today with verizon and comcast
trying to straighten out who I am using for my phone and internet connection.

It was exhausting.
And that didn't include the almost 2 hours with the idiots at verizon yesterday morning.
Luckily, my mom came over afterwards and we went to get lunch.
I think it was good I got out of the house or a few things might have ended up smashed.
Anyways, all uncontrollable anger aside,
I got nothing really done today,
and yet still,
so I am going to just share a few faves:

Since I have been on a crocheting kick,
I totally heart this mat
round doily bath rug beige

I am in love with everything about this print.

I absolutely adore these photos.
Actually, pretty much everything in her shop...
And she has a wonderful blog, too.
Not to mention that she is a real inspiration for the crochet stones!
no place too small to grow a garden
close proximity
light as a feather

Now I feel an aweful lot better
thanks to these beautiful things!

What are some of your favorites?


  1. um, yeah, thanks a lot for making me want to go on a shopping spree based on your wish list! i love everything in it, and best of all, it would all match my style and house so well! now i want to have a little mini garden of thimble plants in my kitchen window!

  2. oh yeah, one more thing... i would seriously consider trying to learn different crochet patterns just to make a fancy rug like that!

  3. i saw a similar crochet doily mat like that and wish i could afford to spend so much on just me -- actually, it'd be my house right? so... haha

    I LOVE your taste, and am loving your crochet rocks.

    ps. ugh, i have been down that road with my phone... sorry love!

  4. I love your crochet rocks! Learning how to crochet has been on my list for a while and I'd LOVE to be able to make a rug like that, it is so incredibly gorgeous!
    Good luck with your phone. I dread having to deal with phone companies, they're terrible!