Saturday, March 26, 2011


All last week I was fighting some sort of virus (or something)
and then I was working to get ready for my first art fair of the season,
which was today.

So I have been a little behind on blogging and photographing.
During all this, I have been working on some watercolors.
Here is one that I really like and wanted to use as a banner,
but haven't been able to scan it the way I want it because it is a little too big.

Anyway, what do you think?

Other than watercolors,
I have been crocheting stones,
crocheting cuff bracelets (which I hope to have in the shop soon),
felting owls and mermaids,
and making some nuno felted scarves and headbands.
What have you been up to?


  1. i love that the owl is on top of a crocheted stone! i love my stone, and i show it to anyone who will look! you're a crochet master.

    i hope you're feeling better and that the virus is long gone!

  2. I have been baking a variety of cupcakes, cupcake therapy, I call it. The best part is packaging them up and delivering to friends and neighbors. Not only does it bring a smile to their faces, it gets the 100 cupcakes out of my house and away from my stomach. I brought 50 to work for a potluck on Friday and made another 50 this morning. We just got back from dropping them off. So far we have made....
    French Toast (cinnamon cake with maple frosting)
    Peanut Butter Cup (chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting)
    Almond Joyous (chocolate cake with coconut frosting and almonds)
    Mochachino (chocolate cake, coffee frosting and chocolate covered espresso beans)
    Pina Colada (pineapple cake with coconut frosting)
    Key Lime Pie (vanilla cake with lime frosting)
    Cherry Garcia (cherry cake with double chocolate chunk frosting)
    Jimmy Buffet (tequila cake with lime frosting and sugary salty sprinkles)
    Charlie Sheen (pecan cake with almond frosting, crushed walnuts and lingonberries topper)
    and Plain Ol' Vanilla with Chocolate Frosting.
    Ahhhh.... Sweetness!

  3. thanks, danielle! I am so happy you have been so supportive, thank you! i have been signing the rocks and dating them too, which makes them feel a little more complete... I think the virus is gone, just a lingering cough now.

    Elizabeth, where do you live? I want to be your neighbor!!! (Mmmm, cupcakes!) thanks for sharing, I love getting comments!

  4. it's so lovely Brit! The wings really pop for me and give a good sense of depth! gracias! cha cha cha

  5. Oooh, I like this painting- Jules