Monday, March 29, 2010

My Sunday...

So yesterday was our friend Spencer's birthday!
Spencer just got back from being in Portland, OR. for 3 1/2 months and we are so happy because we missed him! (and by we I mean ALL of us and the pups!)
So we went into the city (Boston) for some food, pastries from the North End and a visit to the Paper Source...
LOOOOVE Paper Source!
He also found someone in the city who sounds the THE guy to bring a typewriter to for a tune up and get ink from, but alas, he was not open on sunday!
Another day, I guess...
So anyways, here are some photos of the day...
I always forget to take pictures until it is too late, so it is not the best documentation, but some photos none the less.

First we went in and I was reeeeaaaally hungry so we got food first, we went to this place called Red Bones which had all sorts of BBQ and a bit of southern style.
It was really good, but in my hunger I didn't get any pics...
But I did get a pic of this sign down the street which I thought was great!

sounds fun, no? ha, ha, ha!
We walked around a little and went in this store called Magpie.
I got a few cute post cards and some buttons...

These photos of them aren't that great, sorry.

There was a paper source down the street, but we decided to go across town to a different one that I hadn't been to yet...

Here is part of the drive.
Spencer is driving because he knows where he is going (he used to live in the city) and we didn't.
I got these cute owl stickers there!

Not sure why the photo didn't rotate, oh, well!

Then we drove to the North End for some Italian pastries...
I love driving in the city when I can be a passenger because I like to look at the building and in the windows (not in a creepy way).
To get to the North End we had to drive through one of the nice areas with all the brownstone buildings.
So beautiful!

I kept missing the shots of the really nice ones, but these are nice, too!
Like where Bill Cosby would have lived!

Sorry for the blur, the car was moving, ha ha ha!

Then we got to the North End and it was really busy and it is really narrow.
But there are lots of great photo ops...

People in Boston drive like they are all insane!
(actually I think that is most of New England, he he)

More blur...
Here is Andy when we got out of the car.
He actually let me take a nice photo of him.
Usually he is a total butthead about photos unless he is in or with the puppets.
But I really like this one!

I kept trying to get a good photo of Spencer with out him really knowing, but this was all I could really manage...
Looking at the display in the window while we waited in a line out the door at Modern Pastry.

He is also really tall and I am really short, so I think no matter what my photos would not be right...
Once again, I was too distracted by the idea of eating food to remember to take photos of what we got...
But I did get a pic of how Andy put a sparkler in as a candle because we didn't have any birthday candles.
HA HA HA! ok I officially suck at taking pictures...
But this is kinda fun I think!

And here is Veda taking advantage of Andy looking at Jacob...
She loves food too, especially cake.
Naughty girl!

We finished up the night with past episodes of Fringe (if you didn't know I LOOOVE Fringe, and it mostly takes place and is filmed in or around Boston... Plus I loooooove Joshua Jackson!)
So there you have it, how we spent Sunday!
What did you do?


  1. that's a GREAT photo of the birthday boy :)

    sunday disco brunch? LOVE! also that elephant postcard and the buildings.

    i have always loved joshua jackson since his Pacey days ;) why oh why haven't i started on "fringe?!" no idea :)

  2. I've always wanted to go to Boston, and it looks like such a pretty place with all those old buildings!

    That brunch sounds funny. We used to have a "Soul Food Cafe" downtown, but it closed.

    I've never seen Fringe, but I started watching Justified and it seems pretty good!