Saturday, March 13, 2010

Just another bloggy post

Hello, Happy Tuesday!
I have had a lot on my plate lately...
What with taxes and I have a craft fair that I am trying to build stock for (which I have totally been slacking on since friday... Booo!)
Also, we are trying to decide whether to bring home another little bird friend for Posey.
Not an easy decision...
(actually, any thoughts would be helpful!)
So, anyways... I am going to try to be better about blogging,
I feel so behind!
Ok, onward...
How awesome are these boots?
And the dress!
Sarah by Beki Doig.

How much would I love to be in this shot?!?
Back at The Prado by liebemarlene.
I love this photo, sorry, can't remember where I got it!

My blog has been acting really strange...
Not letting me see other blogs...
changing the size of my type to HUGE before and after I have finished...
Not letting me paste in pictures...
It is very frustrating!
Has anyone else has these problems?

Hope you have a super wonderful tuesday!
The sun is out here, finally, and the pups are stir crazy so I am off for a walk in the woods!
little owl


  1. nice bloggy post and yes, you would look adorable in that shot!!!