Monday, March 8, 2010

Oh, I have been LOVING these past few days so much,
perfect weather for me!
It has been around 60 degrees and I have been in heaven!
Actually we all have, the pups are enjoying being out in the sunshine
and so is the little Posey Bird!
After a loooong, cooped up winter, we are all enjoying the warm and bright sunshine!
I have been taking advantage of the warmth and sun by doing my dyeing out of doors, yay!
And Andy has been making the most of it by cutting and splitting some more firewood,
which is always a good thing to have on hand!
I have a few little things coming up that I have been working on goods for, but don't feel like I have gotten very far...
Oh, well, I am sure that I have more that I think to sell!
Well, with that, I will leave you with this little video that I saw on the blog Floddertje.
I love it!

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