Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Check it out!

So, I almost hate doing this (because I am selfish and want to win, ha ha ha!)
But the most wonderful and talented Cole over and Adventures in Love and Happiness
is having a giveaway!
So, if you are interested in visiting a seriously wonderful blog...
And getting to know Cole, who is amazingly sweet!
And also want to enter to win something that is super awesomely cool...
Check out her giveaway!
And have a lovely Wednesday!


  1. You are a darling!
    I hope you're thawing out a bit, we're finally getting warmer here.
    PS I haven't been ignoring your valentine, just working one something equally as awesome

  2. ha ha ha, no worries! I just wanted to share, didn't expect anything in return... have a lovely day!