Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Here's a few things on my Wednesday Wish list...

VTG 80's Italian Suede DOUBLE BUCKLE Lace Up Oxford Ankle Boots 9
I heart these shoes from here

Yes, polka dots!
vintage 1970's POLKA DOT collar dress
from here

I have been looking for a vintage bathing suit, I love this one!
Red Retro Halter Swimsuit maillot pin-up
from here

And of course, as a fiber junkie...
Flower Bed fiber batt


  1. I really love that swimsuit!

  2. love your wish lists! have you made those cute clogs yet?? : )

  3. I have to find out how to make them, Cat, I am not sure I can figure that one out on my own, but I am working on it!

  4. Those boots are really neat, and I like the dress too, but I can't pull of polka dots! I tried on a vintage polka dot dress a few weeks ago, and it fit like a dream, but the pattern was just too much for me :(