Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Soggy Tuesday

Today we had to spend a good amount of time digging trenches to reroute water that started pouring into our house!
- We had about 2 inches in our "basement" which is actually ground level under the stairs, we now having a swimming pit there-
It was also pooling in the yard
(there was literally a waterfall coming down the stone steps outside and down the hill and over the stone wall along the side of the house)
from how much it has been raining out,
Other than that, I spent the majority of the afternoon looking for some new music...
This is a difficult task for me because
I am terrible and finding things to listen to, watch or read because either:
1. I get absolutely nothing from the descriptions that are supposed to be helpful in giving a good idea of what you might be listening to...
2. I have to actually listen to the album the whole way through a few times before I actually know if I like it...
3. All of the above.
In my searching, I did actually find some new music that I like ok as well as some music that I already knew I liked,
but I was extremely happy to find this artist!
Welcome to Emiliana Torrini:

And of course, I am totally in love with Iceland and so many things that come from it!
Like Sigur Ros...
And this sweater.
Its called a lopapeysa and you can learn about them here.
But really, I am very happy!
Emiliana has a great collections of videos, too!
I was going to post the one with the marionettes called Heartstopper, but I liked the song I posted better.

Emiliana Torrini

Isn't she lovely?
What kind of music do you like?
What have you been listening to?
Let me know...
Hope you are enjoying your day!
P.S. I am happy to announce that the swimming pit is on its way to being reduced to a puddle! Hooray!

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  1. It´s so lovely!!! and I love Sigur Ros... Have a nice week!!!