Sunday, February 2, 2014

Wingersheek & Puppy Bowl X


It has been positively balmy and while I am thankful for a break from the absolute FREEZING cold, it is strange to have spring-like weather. I guess it came at a perfect time though, since Nate and I have been going out and enjoying the weather together (Yay for weekends off!!!). So yesterday was a stellar day at the beach. We ran, we played, we had Margi practice jumping to help strengthen her back leg... There was lots of dogs being goofy.
I even got to do a little photo shoot for one of the hoodie designs that I have been meaning to list for a while now.


Today has been more overcast and a bit rainy, but I don't mind. I like the calm of rainy days.
I will take advantage of cuddling, creating and watching Puppy Bowl X (which is ridiculously cute!).
What are your Sunday evening plans?



  1. Hey, found your blog just two seconds ago...
    Beautiful pictures!
    I have a qustion, It is a dog question. The dog, black with curls, what is the breed? It is really nice. I've been thinking about getting a dog and are looking at different breeds.
    Best regards, Maria

    1. Hi Maria,
      Thanks for visiting my blog! You have some beautiful photos on your blog as well!!
      The dog you are asking about is Veda. She is my 12 year old lab/poodle/setter mix... She has been a wonderful dog and friend all these years (I got her at 7 weeks).
      Good luck on your dog search! So exciting!!!

    2. Thanks for your response! Veda is really nice and very cute! How do you say... How much of the setter has she?
      I've now been googling lab/poodle mixes and discovered that it is "almost there" a race known as the "labradoodle" :-) And I think the mix seems to have what I'm looking for. Now I just have to convince my boyfriend to go and look at the puppies..! Have a nice day /Maria

    3. I am not sure how much setter she has in her. She was born to a labradoodle who jumped the fence and had a little love affair with the dog across the street which is how the setter got in there... But I am not sure if the father was all setter or setter/poodle. She is the most wonderful "love puppy"!!! Good luck with your search, labradoodles can be wonderful and I am sure you will find just the right dog for you (and your bf, too, of course)!

  2. Hey Britt!
    Your photos are looking really nice. Vibrant. Your new camera must be treating you right.
    You've got the hang of it now!
    Your day outings have an easy going feel to them. Glad I came along. ;)