Thursday, February 6, 2014

Yesterday was a quiet day... Mostly.
After going out for a snowy adventure with a friend and her pup, I cam home fully intending on working. But again (other than a few very basic things), said work eluded me and the day.
But it is ok.
I had a nice, peaceful day and enjoyed the calm and still of life as snow swirled around outside the doors and windows. I do love a good snowy day.
So much so that we ended up taking another smaller adventure outside that afternoon.
The rest of the day I fought taking an unintentional nap and brainstormed a little bit.
Today I have some orders I have to get ready to send out and maybe more more sketching...
I have a few new screen printing ideas, but haven't gotten the sketches right yet. Harrumph!!!

I continure to fight that inner battle of letting go. I want to live a life where I can relax without feeling guilt, but I constantly feel like I am not doing enough... What a conundrum, eh?!?

Well, today is a mix of sun and cloud. There are still a few white fluffy flakes flying around.
The snow is thick on the ground and I am smiling.
I hope your day is full of adventure!

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