Monday, February 3, 2014

Things I find beautiful around the house...
I am so thankful to have all this green in winter!
(Although I wouldn't mind having more...)

One of my dreams one day is to have a greenhouse attached to my house, preferrably the southern facing part. Not only would it be great to grow food and plants indoor during the cold months, but to have the fresh smell and oxygen, as well as the passive solar effect- so heavenly!

We are going to look at a piece of land this weekend, we have been talking about building a house that is more energy efficient. We have a friend who has been helping us with ideas, since he is an energy engineer (I am pretty sure that is not the professional title, but that is what I call him).
It is kind of an exciting prospect!


  1. It's so jungle like there. Even Posey is jungle like. Love that bird!
    You've got it right. Solar! Green! We want to the same thing.
    Britt, we've got so much snow going on here. You'd be in snowboarding heaven. Thinking 'bout cha!

    1. I can almost say I am jealous, but we just got some more (after balmy spring like weather) and are supposedly getting more this week! Now I just wish we could afford to go boarding this year... Maybe we will get to go once, that would be grand!