Wednesday, February 5, 2014

There are so many times that I feel overwhelmed and hold myself back.
Creativity can be this way.
I often feel completely overwhelmed with the choices and directions my art can go,
so much so that sometimes I just don't do anything.
It is an awful way to be.
Then I have to remind myself that I am not getting anywhere by being that way.

I just need to do, to make.

I can always try again if it doesn't come out right or if I decide I want to go in a different direction.
But it is hard to remember such things in the moment,
when I am inspired and defeated all in the same space of time.

Oy vey! The inner workings of my brain can be exhausting.
Mama mia! I can be my greatest benefactor and my worst enemy.
I wish there was an "easy button" for times like this.

Do you ever get stuck this way?

What do you do to get your self up and moving from such a stagnant place?



  1. Sometimes we need to stop and do nothing because, in that quite time where we think nothing is happening, there is a lot going on a level that sometimes we cannot perceive.

    Have a nice day!

    Lluisa x

  2. Oh I get there very often too, I think and think about the options, about colours, textures, new constructions without being able to decide or to begin sth. For me it helps to get out of the house into nature or to meet up with inspiring people and let them take over for a while. Just listening, or exhausting myself in fresh air, just looking at leaves and raindrops. It helps me to empty my mind and find clarity. Lena

    1. Nature is definitely one of my biggest inspirations, motivations and peaceful places to just be. You are very right, it definitely helps to just get out and do something, Lena!
      Thanks for commenting!!!
      p.s. I did bake cake last night, always makes things better ;)

  3. Or I do sth simple like cleaning the windows or baking a cake :-) x