Friday, February 14, 2014

A Place To Call Our Own

The goal this past weekend: Drive almost 4 hours north to mid-coast Maine to explore a piece of land we are interested in. Conveniently, we have friends in the area, so we could stay over night!

So after a week where nothing seemed to be going my way- a HORRIBLE dentist appointment, and I am not exagerating. This woman was awful! And then the real estate agent didn't get back to me until 3:30 on Friday afternoon (we were leaving early Saturday morning and she had a week to get this worked out)- we decided to just stick with our original plan and head up. We were going to drive up, find the property, hike around and take a little look and then go meet up with our friends.

We found the property, despite the lack of an road number and the property sale sign that was covered with snow. Parked on the side of the road, strapped on some skis (borrowed from afore mentioned friends) and hiked in to explore what we could in about an hour or so. This land already has a few sites cleared, but is otherwise is wooded and wild. We are in love...

On top of that, when we got back to the car (which was parked as far over on the side of the road as it could be since there was no driveway- that was plowed at least) there was a note on the windshield. Now, here in Mass., this note would most likely be rude and unfriendly, reminding us that we were not allowed to park there, and most likely would have a profanity in it (ok, that last part may or may not have been an exaggeration), but in Maine people are friendly and thoughtful and caring. This note was left by a neighbor letting us know a better place to park (with a hand drawn map!) and a name (Brad) and phone number in case we were having car troubles.

I called the number just to say thank you for such a thoughtful note and ended up talking with Brad the whole way into the next town where we were meeting our friends at their work. He even offered to show us around the neighborhood next time we were around! What a nice guy!!! And this is routinely the encounters we have there.
Gotta LOVE Maine!!!

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