Monday, February 17, 2014

A Blank Canvas: Behind Are The Colors of Winter


I think one of the reasons I adore winter so much is because it is like I get to wipe the slate clean and start over with a brand new, blindingly white canvas.

Although there is a new and seemingly empty space to evolve and create in, it is far from boring, lifeless or colorless. The vibrant white of fresh snow contrasts with the rich browns and greens of pine trees, saplings and branches. The electrifying reds of leafless, sleeping raspberry stalks, winter berries waiting to feed birds and the roots of its own plant. Even the deep red of blood spotted around the site of where one animal was taken to feed another. There are shadows and shade and let us not forget the ultimate zest and sparkle of a clear blue winter sky looking down on the "sleeping" world with firm affection. No, the world IS white, but it is almost as if that alabaster is laid down gently and lovingly to show off what the land really has to offer. As if to point out the little things that ones eye might miss in the chaos, rush and vigor of the greenest and most lush time of the year.

I do love winter.
I need winter.
It is my time to renew and restart.
I am thankful.


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