Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Naughty Dog

This was the day where Mu was an ill-behaved pup.

Aside from her being gloriously happy to run around in the field we visited in Ipswich, she obviously left her listening ears in the car. As soon as she saw some ducks down on the river she was running through the mud flats towards the water. All the hollering and whistling didn't recall her. I watched as she joyously flushed the birds, sending them flapping over the river, Mu still running behind, first through the mud, then through the shallows of the waters edge... And then PLOP! Even from as far away as we were up on the bank we could see the shock as the edge must have dropped off and Mu was fully swimming in the frigid water! She sure turned and hopped out as fast as she could!!!

We finished the walk with a rather wet and soggy Mu, but her bad behavior continued. After barking at a woman walking on the road as we circled back to the car (the woman had no idea) we hopped in the car and continued with our errands which included getting dog food, meat for dinner and a sandwich for lunch. On route home, we stopped to fill the water jugs and when I went to get back in the car I realized Bessie Mu had helped herself to the other half of my sandwich, which I had wrapped up and was saving for lunch the next day.
She got quite the scolding and true to form express ZERO guilt!
It is a darn good thing she is cute, but we weren't really speaking the rest of the day.

Oh dogs.

Do your dogs ever do such naughty things?

Anyway, I write this as Mu lays sleeping, snoring with her head in my lap.
I'm a sucker.


  1. Lol!! That's too funny. Well, in a naughty sort of way.
    Aside from that, your pictures are really beautiful, Britt! Winter is hanging on out there.
    Have a fun weekend!

  2. Thanks Lynn!
    Hope you had a great weekend too!