Monday, May 2, 2011

a peek...

Been playing around in the studio.
Spring has made me color happy!

Finally made a stamp after telling myself I was going to do it for months.
It has been a few years since I have made any stamps, I forgot how much I love doing it!

I have been so inspired by the geometric shapes and patterns in nature,
especially of the crystals that I brought home a couple of weeks ago from a friends house up the street.

I love going there, it is mineral heaven
and they are all mined in here in New England!
I have been having some reactions to the pollen lately,
I thought I was in the clear, but a couple of days ago I started feeling a bit groggy and having a slight headache.
Guess I better make some more nettle tea...

Hope you have a peachy afternoon!


  1. Your images are just gorgeous! I am just beginning to work with water color and haven't quite gotten the consistency yet..I get toooo watery! So, I may have to go through all your previous posts to give me inspiration!

  2. thank you danielle and colleen!

    colleen, i used to paint more with acrylic and then moved in to other mediums for my art, but in the last few years I have been picking up watercolors because they are portable and don't smell and i love the way the look! i will say, though, that they can be really difficult to control, but practice really makes perfect! it has just been more recently that I am really starting to like what i am coming out with and also posting them for people to see is a newer thing for me because i am really critical of my work :)
    good luck with your painting!!!