Monday, May 23, 2011

way out yonder

A bit of natures cheer on a gloomy and rainy day.
I have been a bit down lately.
Feeling a bit distracted and distant.
But being outside in nature,
whether it is my yard, the beach or the woods,
really makes me feel brighter.

I hope this cloudiness, both in the sky and in my soul, passes soon.
It is rather exhausting.

Hope you all are feeling joyous of spirit.

On a separate note:

I got my new camera today, though I'm still hoping to make some more sales soon to pay it off...

Still figuring out all the button positions and settings.

Not sure if I should look at an slr instead or not.

Might be too much camera for me at this time,

any thoughts?

Thank you to everyone who helped me and bought something from the shop,

you are my heros!

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