Saturday, May 28, 2011

Marshes and Mudflats

The past couple of days were actually sunny and warm!
I walked down to the beach with Veda one day and stopped to take pictures at one of my favorite stretches of marsh the next...

(the island in the distance is Hog Island where they filmed The Crucible many years ago.)

I adore this photo of Ms. VedaLou.
Ears and tail up and waving like flags in a breeze,
running in setter circles with a look of sheer joy and stopping to dig in the sand!
She is the best. For real.

Hope you are all having a fun weekend.
I spent a lot of today resting since I didn't feel all that great (damned headaches).
But I guess that is ok, since it was foggy/misty and cool most of the day.
Now I am off to help Andy sew some costumes and repair puppet bodies.


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  1. Ms.VedaLou looks like she's having a blast!!! Such beautiful pictures ;) those brooches are cute, I just went to check her shop but she's away on vacation ;( I LOVE your stone crocheted necklaces - all I can I say is omgeeeee!!! I am in love ;) Have a great weekend love xo