Sunday, May 15, 2011

it's like magic

What a rainy Sunday!
Is this not the happiest looking pup in the entire universe?
One huge smile as she ran towards me, oh how I love Miss Lou!

Her smiling doggy face makes me so happy, which is good because yesterday and today have been stressful...

First, my camera died.
I mean like dead, dead.
Not "crap I need new batteries... oh, I will get them tomorrow" dead.

Now I am looking to raise money to get this camera.
(so if there ever was a time to support my etsy shop, now is it! ha ha ha!)
But I did manage to get it to give me the last few photos I took on it today,
so that was good.

I really had quite the fit yesterday evening when I put the cotton I had mordanted into the dye jar I had been cultivating for the last few days.
My camera died and then
If you remember the color it started from this post,

How amazing!?!
It went from a purply-fuchsia to blueish-purple!
I still can't get over it.

I immediately ran out to harvest a pint sized mason jar full of the flowers that I used!
Now I have some wool yarn that I spun up this winter and some cotton thread soaking in alum as we speak,
can't wait to dye them and see what happens.
I am thinking of using dock leaves.
Or maybe I will dig up the roots and use those...
Or maybe both! HA!

Also, I have some new crocheted necklaces in the shop
and here are a couple more that I will be listing sometime between today and toworrow evening.

These I am very excited about.
The stones are from a couple of friends up the street who mine here in New England.
It is alway fun to go over there!
I traded this batch for some work which you can see here in this post.

I am really excited,
I have some very nice pieces done and more in the process of...

So, how has your weekend been?
What did you do?

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