Tuesday, May 10, 2011

delayed mother's day and the young deer

Holy moly it is windy here today! You should see the tree tops dancing and hear the chimes jangling!!!

I feel a bit out of it because my allergies really got the best of me yesterday afternoon and evening, to the point where my headache was so bad I thought I was going to throw up.
I can still feel it this morning, I hope it doesn't worsen again!!!

Yesterday I had a nice day with my mom.
We celebrated Mother's Day yesterday instead of Sunday, which turned out to be great because the first half of the day was beautiful!!!

We took a walk in Maudslay State Park, which is a beautiful old estate (minus the main house).
The grounds are so beautiful and the dogs were happy to go for a good run.
The best part was the young deer we saw.

We just stumbled upon it and it was totally un irked by our being there.
Even with the dogs and the other man we passed with his 2 (barking) dogs didn't bother this young one.
He (I am assuming it was a boy because he had the little fuzzy antler nubs, please correct me if this is untrue) just sat there, eating his greens, casually looking up at us while chewing.

I could have sat there for a long time watching him, he wasn't going anywhere soon, but the dogs would have gotten antsy and I am sure my mom's little westie would have started barking, the vocal little guy that he is!

So we continued the rest of our walk through the old, rundown gardens.
I love how all the trees are in bloom right now, they are so beautiful and the bees are doing their happy dance!!!

After the walk we got some food and then ran an errand or two before heading home.
It was such a wonderful day and I am so glad we didn't go out on Sunday because it was grey and rainy and gross and a bit chilly, not to mention the actually holiday and a sunday which meant that EVERYONE (and their mother, ha ha ha!) was out!
So this was perfect.

How was your Mother's Day?
Anything interesting happen to you this weekend?

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