Sunday, May 1, 2011

Flea Market Finds

Wow! Happy May everyone!!!
And hello new followers, thanks for following me!!!

I spent this morning at the flea market a few towns over,
that is after waiting 15-20 minutes just waiting to park!
Boy, was it packed!!!

I have been waiting all winter for the market to start again
and I think Veda (who LOVES the flea market) has been too!!!

I did get some really great things though. I definitely scored with this sewing box...

It was like going through a treasure chest!!!
It had oodles of thread and needles, tiny gauge crochet hooks, and odds and ends.
Jam packed you might say!

Speaking of Jam, I got some really tasty raspberry rum jam from a nice fellow there.
I love raspberries, I think they are my favorite berry!
I also found an old suitcase for $1 that I think I will fix up and use for a display.

Although the sewing box was a total treasure for me,
I was even more excited to find a few small trinkets that make me happier than I can describe.
I love this little white bunny and the grey wolf.

The wolf represents Jacob to me (even though he isn't grey).
And most of all,

How awesome is this guy!?!
He was only $2.
Yup, score!
I love camels! I have no idea why really, I just think they are awesome!
I have two little camels in the same style as the rabbit and wolf that my sister gave me for christmas last year and I adore them!!!
So I can't wait to add this guy to the collection!

Other than that, I have been enjoying some walks from my house to the beach
and have been working on some new watercolors and playing around with making stamps...
But that will be another post!

Hope you are having a fabulous first day of May!
Hoorah! Spring is here!


  1. brittan, you seriously scored! that sewing box really is like getting a treasure chest, and the camel is AMAZING! i'm crazy for interesting animal figurines (well, most any old animal figurine, to be honest), so i can definitely appreciate that guy!

  2. love your sewing box. beautiful vintage! :)