Friday, May 6, 2011

Part Deux of Le Romp in the Woods...

Sometimes time bleeds together. I spend a lot of time by myself (well other than with the animals) and I kind of prefer it that way most of the time.
But sometimes, when time bleeds together, I forget that today is today and yesterday was just that. Not that that is much of a problem, but it can kind of play games with the mind at times...

Anyways, this is the second half of the previous post and as you can see by how many photos are in each, it really did need to be split up. I just couldn't edit enough. I thought that there were just too many photos that I wanted to share, or at least that I loved and felt I had to have in my post.

I especially the photo of the tree with drips of water going down it making it look like someone threw paint all over it. Isn't it amazing?
When I am outside, I feel like I am in the most wonderful museum in the world!
And of course love the mushrooms on the trees...

And did you see the one of Veda doing the puppy wiggly shake!
(you can see her ears flying like propellers!)
I love that one too!

A little story about Veda and her name:

I got her when she was 7 weeks old.
It was fate.

When I got her, she had been named Dulcinea because dolce means sweet in Italian and her eyes were so sweet! (I mean REALLY sweet! I am not kidding, I will have to find one of the few baby photos to scan sometime)
Anyway, for some reason I kept forgetting her name,
plus I sort of wanted to name her myself.

One of the names I was thinking about for her was Aga Snow, a name that I am still torn about not giving her. I ended up finding the word Veda, as in The Vedas or teachings of knowledge in the Ayurvedic Tradition.
I loved it.
I loved that she would be the embodiment of knowledge, of the universe.

She was the one and only female animal in the house, so the prefix of her name was Princess.
Princess Veda.
It rather fit.

Now she is just Veda, or Veda Lou as I call her (one of her MANY lovingly appointed nicknames) because the princess part seems more like a mindset with her than a title.

So there you have it.
Why and how Miss Veda Lou got her name.
And she is the best Veda Lou that will have ever lived!

Do you have any stories about how your animal friends got their names?

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