Tuesday, December 14, 2010

yesterday and today

I spent all day yesterday felting.
I was trying to get some scarves, cowls, belts and cuff bracelets made for my appointment with a local shop at the end of the week!
Today I will be working on more, plus some felted owls and mermaids.

Some new work hanging to dry.

Poesy was being awfully cute with her slices of tangerine!

(sorry for the blurry photos)
She went to the vet today to have her feathers trimmed (for safety) and the vet said that she was a bit chubby.
We are going to have to do something about that, Miss Poe.
Now how to get a picky bird to eat what you want her to!?!
Look at the wonderful ornament that I got from my ornament swap partner, Emily!

Thank you, Emily!
I love it!!!
On a side note, I would like to become a more adept knitter.
I would like to learn how to make fingerless mittens,
among many other things!
any suggestions on easy intructions?
(and by easy I mean a 5 year old could follow, I have very limited skills)


  1. I have the easiest pattern for fingerless mitts-I'll send it out in the mail tomorrow to your mom's address.I enjoy reading your blog and love your work! Jane Gray (Seth's mom)

  2. Jane! I am so glad you like reading my blog! I adore the card you sent a while back (I have been meaning to write and tell you so, but I am a horrible procrastinator.)! Hope you are having a wonderful December... Do you have snow up there on the island yet?

  3. gorgeous! i really love your work and am so lucky to have a garland! :)

    and the owl-- awww so perfect! I'm going to do a blog post about the swap tomorrow and use this pic cos i love it so! :) thank you soooo much for playing along xoxo

  4. i just can't get enough of posey pictures! and do think it's as cute as i do to see parrot toes wrapped around food? every time flojo picks up a noodle or piece of fruit to eat it, i can't help but smile a huge smile because i just think it's so cute seeing those long toes wrapped around!

    and i can't believe they said posey was chubby! i'd always heard and read that parrots, other than rosellas who are known for being overweight, won't overeat and that basically there isn't such a thing as an overweight parrot. i guess i've gotten the wrond information! flojo always wants to eat junk food. she likes fruit okay, but the only vegetable i have any luck getting her to eat is sweet potatoes (go figure...she only likes them because they're sweet). i wish she would eat more veggies because i want her to be healthy and live a LOOOOONG life.