Monday, December 6, 2010

The best trade!

So on friday at the Holiday fair I was next to a wonderful artist named Courtney of Farmhouse Prints from Vermont.
Her work was so creative and fun and unique!
I was really happy that she was interested in doing a trade.
She chose a felted scarf and then ended up buying a felted wrap belt!
Looks great on her, don't you think?

I was so excited to trade with her because she makes the cutest and most wonderful things!
(Sorry the photos aren't that great, they don't do the cuteness justice!)

First I was so excited about her Kitty Pouches made out of recycled clothing, I had to get 3 of them!

These necklaces are the best!
They are smooth stones that she crocheted around and added fins at the bottom.
I died when I saw them and had to get 2 of them!
(I wanted the 3rd one, too, but thought it would be really selfish to take them all for myself and not let anyone else have a chance of buying one.)

It is funny, however, because she had so many wonderful handmade things, I didn't even see her prints that were in a box on the table!
When I got home I immediately checked out her website and blog and saw how wonderful her print work is as well as all the other handcrafts she does!
What an inspiring person!
Make sure to check out her site!

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