Wednesday, December 15, 2010

do this or do that?

One of my biggest pet-peeves is when people don't wave back after a friendly passing wave,
or when you let them go or cross in front of you when in the car.
I mean, really?
How hard is it to raise your hand?
If you couldn't raise your hand, you wouldn't be driving... right?
It especially makes me annoyed when said person is on a cell phone and they don't put it down to enter into traffic.
Come on people!
Well, I think this morning I had someone that I let pass in front of me into opposing traffic during "rush hour" that made up for more than a few of those other rude people!
She was so thankful that not only did she wave... Twice!... She blew thank you kisses too!
How sweet!!!
Why can't every one who drives be like her?
Ok, well enough venting (although there was a positive out come, right?).
Guess what?
It is kind of snowing today!!!
Not much, but there are flurries floating around, falling from the sky!
I am going to meet my mom for lunch today.
Until then, I am trying to decide on weather I should work on owls and mermaids for my meeting with a store on Friday or post some new things on etsy...
What do you thing?
Until then, here are some photos from around my house/studio.

Have a wonderful day, folks!


  1. i loved how i could see some of your plants in our chat. i have two big ones and one small one, but i really want more more more. i love plants! my job in high school was at a greenhouse, so i feel like i learned a lot there.

    also, so funny that we were just talking about strangers waving! lately i've had a lot of people that i've let out in traffic not even give me a courtesy wave, and i never get that, because it's not like i had to be nice and let them out.

    oh, and tomorrow, we're supposed to get up to 3" of snow! not a lot, but i'm still excited! i hope you get a little accumulation so you can enjoy it!

  2. hi little owl :)

    i don't think the tunic is very hard to knit,
    at least i hope not! i think it is so pretty so i just have to try :) do you knit a lot?

    loved your drawing of the sky in the post from some days ago! must be fun to be so good at drawing...i am not but me best friend from my childhood was. i could sit and look at her draw for hours, i think it was magical.

    some of the things that inspires me are:

    the dress is from the danish brand NOA-NOA.
    nice that you liked it also :)

  3. I love that the other driver blew you a kiss! I usually wave pretty vehemently.
    Your pictures make me smile, your plant is gorgeous. And I LOVE your owl drawing (Like love enough to buy if you'd put it in your etsy shop) AND do I spy felted mermaids?
    I hope it snows for you, it's freezing here and we've got lots of snow on the ground which makes for good snuggling weather.

  4. I totally agree, people need to be more courteous when you let them go in front of you!!

    And your plants are gorgeous!