Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I'll share my night with you

I have been working on owls for a meeting on friday with a local shop.
So I have spent the rest of today working on them.
Here are some photos of my night from where I sit.

I also thought I would show some of the color in my closet,
and my outfit today.
I am not quite sure why I am sharing it, but the belt is one of the new things I have been making!

I think it is time to clean the mirror.
It is covered in smudges because it is the sliding door to the closet.
And one that doesn't work properly I might add, hence the smudges from hands...
What you can't see (and thankfully can't hear) are the curse words that sneak out every time I try to open or close said doors!

Hope you all have a lovely night!


  1. those little owls are sooo cute! i love making things for stores! happy crafting!


  2. I love your outfit - it's really cute, but most of all I love that you can see Posey perched on your shoulder!! x

  3. this is such a cute outfit! i think it can be so hard dressing in somewhat decent clothes when it's cold outside, but you, my firned, did it nicely! and there's little posey!