Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Some Details of Today

Today I worked a little on orders and helped Andy load and transport the wood that he harvested from the woods (which really means he did most of the work!).
But the best thing about today was the fact that I finally got to "meet" Danielle and Flojo from Dinosaur Toes!!!
(Poesy was in nap mode, so she only made a brief appearance to meet them!)
I was so excited and a little nervous when we actually set a time to have an ichat date.
I get nervous on phones and had never used ichat before.
But it was fun and easy and really cool seeing as I live up here in New England and Danielle lives in Virginia!
You know how before you meet someone that you know a little bit about you create a persona in your head?
Well, she was just as nice as I had imagined!
By the time we "hung up" I realized that we had been talking for almost 2 hours and probably could have gone on much longer if my stomach would have behaved itself!
Flojo even danced a little and was chattering and cuddling with her while we were talking,
She is so cute!!!
Anyway, I can't wait to have another ichat date!

Now I am just relaxing on the futon in front of the woodstove trying not to get too sucked into the internet (HA!) and thinking about what projects need to be worked on.
Oh, and I heard that we may get snow this weekend!!!
Wouldn't that be grand!?!

Have you had snow where you live yet?

isn't this a funny and cute photo of Veda?
I just found it from this spring when we went with some friends to Halibut point over in Rockport!
Here are a few more:

Not quite sure what I was doing in this last photo, maybe I was soaking up the sun before it set (?)


  1. i'm so glad we got to talk, and i definitely think i could've gone on for two more hours!

    i'mglad i got to meet posey, if only for a minute!

  2. How fun is it that you got to "meet" Danielle!
    We definitely have snow here, 6" and counting, it wouldn't be so bad if it weren't so darn cold!

  3. ooo soooo nice it looks to feel the warmth of the sun on your face!! it is so cold here now...

    wishing you a lovely weekend,