Saturday, December 18, 2010

Meet Russell... and etsy sale!

First I would like to say Yay!
Another follower!!!
Thanks for following to everyone, you are all wonderful!
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Remember how I mentioned Russell the seagull the other day?
Well here he is.

Meet Russell, originally uploaded by Little Owl Arts.

The somewhat domesticated seagull was waiting to be fed this morning.
Does he not have the sweetest face?
I think so!
Originally his leg was hurt and he was limping, but he luckily is better now.
But in the meantime, he has become almost like a pet down at the docks.
You can get so close you can almost touch him!
He is still very young, I think this is his first year because his colors haven't changed yet.
Did you know that young seagulls can't fly?
Luckily Russell can fly, but I get so mad when people intentionally abuse these birds because they think they are pests.
Especially the young ones because people don't know that they can't fly yet, even though they look fully grown.
Well hopefully Russell has a long and happy life!
He is so sweet, I almost want to take him home!!!

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