Sunday, December 5, 2010

I can't believe how wonderful it was!

Goodness me! The last few days have been busy!
Friday and Saturday I was at the Stoneridge Montessori Holiday Fair and I have to say, it was amazing!
I have a really great time!
It was a great experience for me and what made it better was EVERYONE there!
I can't say enough about how amazing and wonderful everyone was!
I had such great support and feedback from the parents and wanderers who were shopping,
they all had such lovely things to say about my work.
I sold almost all of my felted owls the first day by mid-day so I had to felt like a mad woman that night to have some for the next day!
Also, all the other vendors were so great!
I love every singe one of them!
They were ALL so supportive and fun and great to meet!
We were all treated so well by the people who worked there and ran the fair!
They even fed us!
And let me tell you, this wasn't a cold sandwich and soda,
They made us popovers with jam in the morning,
offered coffee, tea and cider,
we had a choice of 3 amazing home made soups, mixed green and asparagus salad with buttermilk herb dressing, rosemary bread for lunch,
and to top it off, on friday they offered wine, cheese and fruit after the fair ended while we moved everything into the gym room for the next day!
I now understand why the vendors that had been there previous years all said that they came back just for the food!
No joke!
It was such a happy, warm environment and I feel very blessed to have been there!
There were so many talented people and wonderful handmade things being sold,
I even did a little bartering (which I don't really do much of anymore because I am trying to downsize! Also, I will do another post on what I got!)
Here are a few pictures of how I set my table up:

This puppy was so cute! Her name is Rafia and she looks just like Veda, but apricot colored and she is going to be 20lbs. smaller! I think if I were to get another dog, this would be what I would look for, soo cute!!!

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  1. SOO very awesome to read this brittan!!! Your display is soo pretty! and that puppy is soo dam cute i want it!!!