Sunday, April 27, 2014

On Easter Sunday-

Nettles, starting to sprout up!

This tree has a nice view of the river and ocean!

Back side of Cranes Beach, from across the bay/marsh.

Small island off of Conomo Point. Only a few residents out there, mostly seasonal.

The edge of the island.

Summer "cottage" with a fantastic view of the marshes.

From the porch.

Oh, hello! Selfie in a window reflection.

This used to be a community building, not sure what it is now. Over hangs the marsh.

Houseboat winter tie up. Soon it will be out in the water.

View from under a tree.

Marsh grasses against the sky.

telephone pole on the edge of the marsh.

Willows going into bloom.

Summer cottage.

Like a magic doorway to a beautiful view.

Seed pods, waiting for spring buds.

Things were blooming and the day was bright.
Today is gloomy, but I am smiling looking back at beautiful photos!

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