Friday, April 18, 2014

Spring Inspiration

Buds starting to form on tree branches

Vernal pond.

Maianthemum dilatatum- false lily of the valley starting to poke up here, there and everywhere.

Amazing how nature can revive and grow after being broken down: Tree sprouting branches after being broken off at the top.

I love birch trees, I love the bark, the textures, the colors...

New growth. Fresh young, green branches sprouting buds.

Lichens on a boulder.

Old turkey tail mushrooms on a log.

More turkey tails, past their prime and with moss starting to take over, on a fallen log.

More happy dog!!! Oh Margi, you are so cute!

Close up of little buds on a delicate branch.

More delicate buds on thin branches, beautiful green from pine boughs in the background.

It is only a matter of time before these green buds burst open into foliage!

I love the texture through the lens of these thin branches all layered together.

It is like a sigh of relief seeing buds and green!

Wild raspberry cane with leaves tightly bound in bud form... For now.

It is a sigh of relief to finally see things brightening and budding in the woods.
I had to look hard and focus on the details to see the signs (other than abundant birdsong, of course), but the signs are all there! And although this cold never seems to end, you can see that spring is most definitely here!!!

What are your favorite things about spring?

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