Monday, April 21, 2014

Bradley Palmer State Park

The skunk cabbages emerge.

Signs of beavers on the premises. The start of a serious beaver dam.

A jungle of rhodiolas.

I love skunk cabbage flowers, such an amazing plant!

Gazing up at the blue sky and sun through piney boughs.

In decay, the wood of this fallen tree has such fantastic texture.

Wide open space. A beautiful field to play in before heading back into the woods.

Walking the path with friends.

Ferny and mossy finds. Like a magical, faery world.

This mossy patch looks so soft, perfect for a woodland nap!

Beautiful colors and textures from moss and lichen on this fallen tree.

Oh, hello feet, thank you for carrying me! (there seems to be a whole lot of blue in my outfit today, aka everything except my shoes!)

Wild rose leaves starting to bloom.

Hello handsome!

A friend and her pup.

Nothing like a big, blue sky filled with fluffy white clouds on a beautiful day hike!

Field, wood and sky.

Happy dogs get a moment to run off leash.

Someone wasn't listening very well. Ruh-roh!

Can't wait for wild berries!

The Ipswich River.

Boardwalk over the swampy area.

This building (mostly not pictured) was beautiful for an event! This is an old estate turned into a state park and many of the buildings are part of said estate that have been restored,

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