Sunday, April 20, 2014

Made it Through

Red gerber daisy, a favor from a friends baby shower last year. It made it through the winter and is happily blooming!

I think one of the dogs knocked this poor flower off its stem. Down a daisy.

The gerber daisy has a roommate. I love geraniums! Their leaves are beautiful and I love the smell!

Budding geranium.

I am not usually one to go for red, but these geraniums were left when a roommate moved out. I love the vibrancy of the blooms though!!!

Love the brilliance of these stunning flowers!
I was so happy that the gerber daisy made it through the winter. And I adore the smell of geraniums- so fresh! These were gifts/given to me and have been sitting in the eastern facing window all winter waiting for more sun. I don't know if I have a favorite flower, I appreciate them all as the come... Well, except for petunias. I am not a fan of those sticky icky flowers! I have worked at a few greenhouses in my life and I always hated deadheading them, it always left my hands endlessly sticky. Other than that, I just love having plants around in general, flowering or not.

Do you have a favorite plant or flower?

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