Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Textures in the sand. Looks like layered feathers!

Finally some spring-like weather. There were a few surfers taking advantage at the beach this morning.

Surfer out of water. Walking with his board.

Puppies having a good romp on the beach.

The oldest and youngest of our dogs waiting patiently for me to catch up while walking on the beach this morning.

The waves were crashing and the sound was utterly peaceful. The air was full of a briny smell.

In full motion. Bessie Mu running back after calling her away from chasing seagulls.

The shore is lined with grand houses. This one sits on a cliff where the waves crash along the bottom.

Margaret meets a new friend today. 10 month old Otis (a golden retriever). She is so happy to have someone closer to her size to play with!

For 10 weeks old, Otis is very aware. I suggested he be trained as a therapy dog, he is so sweet and responsive!!!

This morning the beach was glorious! It finally feels like spring and if I didn't have things to do this morning I would have lolligagged most of the day!
Now it is onto getting orders ready to be shipped!

Hope you enjoy your day, Friends!

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