Friday, April 4, 2014

Turkey feather found on the trail.

Sunlight shines through mountain laurel in the morning.

Moss and lichen on a tree trunk.

Mushrooms dried on a birch tree against a flood of sunlight on the forest floor.

moss sits vibrantly on a decaying log

The pups sniffing for things in between their wild running spurts.

more moss and lichen illuminated by morning light filtered through branches

root, moss, lichen, leaves, all soaking up the rays of spring morning sun.

I did not sleep well last night.
Many nights I wake up between 2 and 4, only to lay awake for hours before falling back to sleep (and then to wake up again in an hour or 2). Many times I don't mind, I read and think and sift through things that my mind seems either too busy to deal with during the day or doesn't want to deal with... But many times it can feel like the night is my mortal enemy and my mind is against me. Last night was one of those nights where I fought, diligently, with my running thoughts... Only to loose. I tried not to get up, for fear I will never sleep again. I tried as long and as hard as I could to calm myself back into slumber, but none of it works. I tried reading and putting lavender under my nose. And still nothing...

And then the day comes. The light shines through the blinds and I am reminded: "today is new day". Although I am dreading that tired body feeling. I make some tea, load up and take the dogs for their morning walk (today through the woods) and I take it slow and breath in deep, heavy breaths. Today is beautiful, quintessential Spring. Again I am reminded that "today is new day".

Something happens when I am out in nature. I feel the sunlight, smell the piney perfume as the morning heats up, I feel my heartbeat as I march along and I see colors that are inspiring and soothing. I bring my camera. Sometimes I don't even realize what I have caught through the lens until I sit down at my computer and then I see...
It makes me happy and the day feels better.

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  1. Wow Britt. That's some prose for the soul, girl!
    And tell me....what kind of camera did you get??!! Those images are some of the best I've ever seen.
    Love all of this.