Sunday, October 2, 2011

treasures from the catskills of new york...

a collection of naturally formed, hand crocheted beach and river stones: here

I have been inspired lately by the river stones I collected while in the Catskills of New York last weekend.
I have a deep love and appreciation for the beauty and intricacy that nature provides,
as well as the texture of the natural objects I find among my adventures both near and far!
It is amazing to me how the texture and colors of the river stones I brought home from NY differ from the beach stones I collect around here on the coast.
So I have been working with these river stones and loving their feel.
I can feel the difference in their spirits,
in their energy...

Also, I have resonated with the japanese Mori Girls and their style for a long time and it just dawned on me how perfectly these seem to fit in,
don't you think?


  1. hi there

    i couldn't find any e-mail adress in here so if you write to me on mine i can e-mail my postadress back to you. i am SO surprised and excited dear brittan!!!: )

    love your new creations....i heart the natural form on the stones and the design on the chrocheting is beautiful!
    when i am on holidaytrips i always bring back stones...when i come home i place them in everything from my flowerbeds to bowl on the table.


  2. I love stones too! They are sooooo pretty! When I come back from vacation I take a bunch of stones home!

  3. Very impressive that you came up with this idea. They're beautiful. Thanks for your inspiration.

  4. These are gorgeous, what did you use to crochet the covers? Also, did you just crochet them as the spirit moved you or did you have a pattern of sorts?

  5. Hi! That is such a beautiful idea. I just posted a Link to your site here:
    Its in german.
    Best from Berlin, Jessica

  6. I know in another thread you had said you just make them as you go. Is there any chance you write down the pattern? If so I was wondering if you would contact me about possibly purchasing the pattern or something. I have been searching and searching the internet for the PERFECT crocheted rock necklace and your patterns are just absolutely beautiful and the best I've found. You should be proud!

    Email is

  7. Beautiful little treasures. And, as a 'wing it' style crocheter, I can tell those folks looking for patterns that it'd be close to impossible to get a given pattern to fit a new rock unless you got all kinds of lucky. Tension and the shape and size of the rock would make things awkward.

    1. I have bgeen crocheting for over 45 years,and I do not agree...Just adjust the pattern to fit each rock.It should be very simple.