Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Beauty of Braids

So, I feel like this is a bit trivial and silly,

There is only so much that I can do with my hair.
Having roots (what I call my dreadlocks, I don't like calling them that) is not as easy and care free as some may think.
They are actually quite a bit of work.
In fact, even though to many it may look like I am having a bad hair day all the time,
there are actually days where I do have bad hair days...
And it is very frustrating!

Now I have never really been a hair person,
I have very fine hair anyways so it has always been difficult to find the right style for
and I always wished for long thick hair that I could do things like this with!

Lately I have been wishing that I had normal hair so I could braid it like some of these people,
but sadly even if it was "normal" it still wouldn't look like the hair in these photos.
Oh well, maybe I can wish.









Beautiful, no?

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