Friday, March 21, 2014

On The Return Of Spring: Change Is On The Wind

Happy Spring!!!

This is a fairly image heavy post, but I couldn't help it. Yesterday was so beautiful out, it was warm (almost 50 degreen F!) and although technically dreary, it was hauntingly beautiful in the woods. I love when fog makes the world feel like a dream.

The pups and I ventured out with a friend and her dog to enjoy the morning...

The mosses and lichens and mycological life were vibrant and seemed to be singing to the warm and damp conditions. I was completely transfixed in wonderment!

There are a good handful of transitions in the works around here and I, not being very patient, am struggling to keep my mind at peace. We are looking to move, to another state (Yay, Maine!) and although we were pre-approved for a loan, we want to try to find a rental first. Not such an easy task with 3 dogs...

Also, this may not effect you so much since you are already here on the internet, but I am working of refocusing my business to online. This means I will be at less fairs and less markets. The internet is a new venue to me, even though I have had a shop online for years, it has been more of a reference site. I mostly have done markets, shows and fairs for years. Let me tell you, it seems to take way more work online than it does networking in person! I am so thankful to the many people who have encouraged and supported me and my work all these years though, thank you and you rock!
Keep sharing and spreading the love!

SO, now I wanna know...
Do you have an online business?
What are some suggestions for having people find you?
What works (or doesn't work) for you?
(and feel free to leave a link to your shop in the comments so I can take a look at your beautiful work!)

I hope you are all enjoying your new Spring, have a fantastic weekend!!!

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