Thursday, March 27, 2014

A Smattering...

brilliant sunshine reaching around trees on a bank on the coast

One of the new little owl hoodies! Jellyfish!!! Women's organic cotton, super comfy!

Selfie... Enjoying the light streaming into the bedroom.

Matching tea and yarn. Knitting a sweater.

A girl and her dog. Out for a morning forest romp with the pups.

...Of photos from the past week or so...
I am especially loving that my tea matched the color of yarn I am using for the sweater I am knitting at present. Also, I will be posting some more hoodies for you ladies in the shop soon, including the Jellyfish design you see above.

There has been much going on. Although most of it feels internal. There seem to be a lot of potential things on the horizon, a lot of things to be clearly manifested and a lot in the works. Now all I need is to work on my patience, to help this mixture of excitement and anxiety subside.

Well now lovebirds, what have you been up to?

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