Sunday, March 23, 2014

Dual Purpose.

We set out for one of our daily adventures with the dogs with 2 intentions in mind:
1. To tire out 3 pups, who love to run through the woods sniffing everything!
2. To hopefully get a few good shots of the Three Sisters prints...

Mind you I am not the ideal model I had in mind, but we were out and Nate is pretty good with the camera, so it ended with some good shots.

Yesterday was tricky. It said it was going to precipitate, but when we headed out to our destination it didn't look like much of anything. We got half way through the loop we were intending on taking and it started raining so we took the shorter loop. As soon as we all loaded back into the car and headed on to our next errand for the day the sun came out and it was beautiful out! Oh spring, oh New England!

1 comment:

  1. You dazzle me.
    Every time I see you, you get more beautiful. You and your dreadlock braid. Sheesh.
    Nate, you have the nicest smile. Just thought I'd throw that in.
    Wonderful New England landscapes and happy feelings!
    Those sweatshirts are divine. I prolly should get one...