Friday, March 28, 2014

It's Happening... Finally!!!

Garlic finally popping up in the garden. It is good to see some green!

lemonbalm (melissa officinalis) and thyme making an appearance in the garden.

Found some carrots that were left over from the fall harvest.

Peeking through the Thyme at baby lemonbalm

Thyme that wintered over very well!

I have been tirelessly waiting for signs of Spring. While many around the country are still reporting more snow, there are many that are sharing their finds, evidence that Spring is here... Well, I can now join that club! The garlic is popping up and the lemonbalm has tiny leaves covering where its roots lie. The thyme, which has wintered over very well is perking up some and starting to turn from purple to green. I was trying to see if I saw any calendula sprouts from the seeds that dropped, but I think I am a bit over zealous- not to mention that Bessie Mu has decided she loves sneaking into the garden and running in circles, teasing the other dogs on the outside (rolling my eyes).

Do you have any signs of Spring around you?

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