Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Farmers' Market

A few random photos from the market on Monday:

All the children love Bessie Mu
(although she can be a bit skeptical of them)
and when I turned around at one point, this is what I saw...

This little girl had the sweetest outfit on.
I love how patiently and serenely she waited while her mom was shopping at Farmer Dave's booth!
Such a sweet moment!

Lastly, I am so excited to have come home with not only fruit and vegetables, but also herbs.
Included in those herbs (which are all in pots, not cut) was thyme this amazing passiflora!!!
I already have a passiflora that I started from a cutting and have had for years, but I am always to bring home another of these beautiful and elaborate plants.
How beautiful!!!

I love this plant and it has wonderful medicinal properties.
It is a nervine and mild sedative, so it is helpful with insomnia and anxiety.
The entire above ground parts of the plant can be used and taken in many different forms such as tea, tincture and capsules, but I prefer the tea.
It is also great mixed with other herbs such as Lemonbalm, chamomile, or valerian...
Just so you know.

Do you use herbs at all?
Do you have a favorite?

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  1. i use a lot of herbs, both fresh and dried.
    some springs/summers back i sowed/grew my own but the last years the weather has been lacking both the warmth and sunshine to get them to grow so now i have to buy them instead. i have fresh parsley and basil in my kitchen now that i bought at the local greenery last week : )
    hmmm....my favourite...i love so many but if i can say two it would be coriander and thyme.

    oh, i almost forgot b:
    if you visit the giveaway post i have added a sizing guide there : )