Sunday, June 30, 2013

They're coming!

Postcards to help benefit our local, no-kill shelter have been ordered!!!

For a while I have been trying to think of something I can create where I can donate a portion of the proceeds to our local shelter. Something that relates specifically to the shelter. This is the shelter where we adopted Bessie Mu, so I thought postcards featuring our little furball would be perfect!!!
The set will be all three cards posted above.
I can't wait until they get here!!!

And thanks to everyone who offered input on which photos to use.
I think they will be grand!

...And now I am off to go play around and practice my screen printing skills...



  1. lovely, lovely blog. So glad I found your site.

  2. Thank you lluisa!

    @woman on wild mountain, I am so glad you found it too! and the same goes for me with your site!