Sunday, June 9, 2013

Adventures wild harvesting red clover

The other day I decided to collect some red clover blossom (and a little yarrow & rosa rugosa) that grows in the pasture leading to one of the beautiful, little, private beaches in the area.
It was Mu's first experience with tall grass and let me tell you, she was quite the ham hopping to a fro' through the field! Purely comical!!!
Veda was also enjoying the grass by having many grand rolls and snarfing out loud. Then it was on to the beach for a little cool down.

I am thankful for the beautiful day, I a thankful for the beautiful environment around me, I am thankful for the plants I harvested and I am thankful for some pretty stinkin' cute pupparoos!


  1. Looks lovely out there. Cute pups, indeed!
    Happy harvesting :)