Thursday, June 20, 2013

Doggers and Totes

Yesterday was a good day. I took the puppies to my favorite beach in town in the morning where Mu had 4 goldens to play with (they guy said he actually had 6, all rescues, but only 4 were with him visiting his friend. 6!!!), it was beautiful out!
In the last photo, you can't see it (obviously), but Mu was wagging her tail all around just because I walked over to her. Priceless... Boy, do I love my doggers, they are so stinkin' cute!

Later I went on a mission to collect supplies to try out this tutorial. It was pretty easy. I have been wanting to do some screen printing for a while now and am thinking I will be incorporating it into my business more...
This was the result of the first tote.
I need to work on even ink application (the sprouts on the top and the bottom corner are not fully clear), but otherwise I would say it was a success!

~Red Clover Tote~

So, that's what has been up with me...
How 'bout you?
What'cha been doing???

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