Sunday, March 24, 2013

Indigo and ink

It was somewhat warm enough to play around with indigo.
I had a few things that needed dyeing to cover up my bad laundry skills, ie: putting a red garment in with light colored clothing. That is what I get for being lazy and not separating (which I NEVER do!). Maybe it is a blessing in disguise, maybe it makes for unintended creative effort. I mean, said garments did get a new dye-job, therefore a new lease on life...
The rest were some fabrics/scarves I had dyed before but wanted to over-dye because the color was too light, or the dye didn't get into the middle of the fabric.
I'm happy with the outcome.

What was left of the dye vat I am storing in this glass jar.
I hope I can do some more dyeing in the next couple of days.

I have been in the studio for the last few days working on some new things. I am looking for a new place to make prints and cards. Or maybe investing in a printer to do it myself, any suggestions?

Hope you all enjoyed the weekend!


  1. I LOVE that last picture of you, you cutie pie in your hoodie!
    The owl is now indigo! Good one...
    I'm the worst when it comes to laundry and separating and all that jazz. Who cares. I don't. I kinda like pale pink white T's!
    Your dying was a success. A blue spring!
    And those strands of beads speak to me.

  2. I love all your photos the last one of you is very nice.
    I should learn how to dye and safe some clothes life hehe...

    Have a great week!!

    Lluisa x