Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hello, Kitty

This kitty just showed up one day at the back door.
We have no clue as to whether she is a stray or not, but she is awfully friendly and cuddly and doesn't seem to care about the dogs. Actually she just goes right up and starts rubbing around their legs.
She keeps trying to non-chelantly walk into the house with us when we go in, I wish I could let her in.
But truth be told I fear for her, for if she were to get in, oh the damage my little birdy would inflict!
In reality, I worry about the safety of Posey if a cat were to be in the house. I leave her cage open for her to play on top or climb around while I am home.
Oh, poor kitty! She is so sweet!
And if I had a barn... Well, I would most certainly let her stay there.
(Since I refuse to have an indoor cat again... Litter boxes = YUCK!)
Until then, I will sneak her some food and go out and give her cuddles when I have a chance.
All that aside, I think (I hope) she might have a real home and is just curious/friendly/adventurous since she doesn't seem to be starving and wasn't soaking wet last night when she came to visit during the storm.

So that has been going on.
Now I am off to try and avoid doing my taxes.

Hope you all have a joyful Wednesday!


  1. Hello kind soul, hello kitty.
    Thank you for feeding the friendly wayward kitty!
    But, yes. We must protect th Pose.
    As for the litter box, I've discovered "clumping" sand.
    No more YUCK!
    Good to see you, honey!

  2. The saying goes, once you've fed a cat, it's yours!
    We have been hoping to adopt a kitty but haven't found just the right one yet and we also have dogs (two toy fox terriers, one of which is scared of adult cats but has no problem strolling right up to gigantic dogs). Hopefully this little girl's owners will claim her. She looks very clean and well fed. Probably escaped from someone's house.