Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Farmers' Market

Yesterday was the Farmers' Market in Beverly that I vend at.
I thought I would share a little bit from my booth...

Mu is IN LOVE with blueberries! Well, really anything edible. She also loved the green beans. It is both good and bad that I am set up next to the Farmer Dave produce booth, since Mu is constantly grazing under the tables, often with her head in a bucket of back-up berries. We have also decided that from now on, blueberries are going to be referred to as mu-berries. She was in heaven yesterday since our friends at Farmer Dave's were handing her things to snack on left and right!

I was photo-bombed!
(My friend, who runs the market, this is her son. What a goofball!)

Mu-berry coma!


Finally, the Little Owl booth...

And my organic cotton market totes FINALLY came, just in time for the market!
I had a friend help me design these (my artwork, his graphic artist skill getting the lettering on there), but the printer he goes through, well, let's just say I am not pleased with their turnaround time or their (lack of) communication. But the bags look fantastic (thanks Jamie!)!!!

(will be in THE SHOP soon.)

How was your afternoon?

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  1. You have a nice stall, everything looks fantastic!!

    Lluisa xx